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OGame Mobile: Gameforge’s long-running space MMO is now available on Mobile devices

From the Palm of Your Hand, Explore and Conquer the Cosmos!

Gameforge, the publisher and developer of popular titles such as AION, NosTale, Metin2, Trigon: Space Story, and Swords of Legends Online has announced that OGame, their long-running space strategy MMO, is now available on both iOS and Android mobile devices. Following the release of the Lifeforms expansion, OGame mobile continues the 20th-anniversary celebration of Gameforge’s first game.

“Players have been supporting OGame for 20 years now, and we felt that we needed to reward that dedication in a big way,” said Martin Liedtke, Lead Product Manager. “OGame on mobile devices and the recently released Lifeforms expansion are our gifts to the game’s devoted fan base, and we hope they enjoy them!”

OGame Mobile features Lifeforms expansion including new species technologies, resources and more

The massive Lifeforms expansion is included in OGame for mobile devices. This includes everything long-time fans have enjoyed over the last two decades. Players can start over or log in with their existing accounts to continue their cosmic conquest on the go. Main features of the Lifeforms expansion include:

  • 4 New Lifeforms: With the new update, players now have access to four new species. Create civilizations of versatile Humans, the resourceful Rock’tal, the emotionless robotic Mechas, and the exploratory Kaelesh.
OGame Mobile available
Image via Gameforge
  • 48 New Buildings—12 per Lifeform: Players begin with a limited number of building options. But as they discover and research new species, more will become available.
  • 72 New Species Technologies—18 per Lifeform: As players progress through the new content, they unlock lifeform-specific tech trees. These can be filled out to further combat, exploration, and production abilities, among other things, and influenced to branch in any number of ways based on the different species they discover.
OGame Mobile available
Image via Gameforge
  • Two New Resources: The new resources, lifeforms and food, must be carefully balanced. Players must cultivate lifeforms to unlock species-specific technologies on their planets, but for those lifeforms to thrive, players must manage food production. Lifeforms that consume too much food too quickly will eventually starve and die out. Lifeforms, unlike food, can’t be transported or stolen, but they can be destroyed if a planet is successfully attacked.

Develop planets, form alliances and win intergalactic battles to become the universe’s most powerful ruler

OGame is one of the longest-running games in the space-themed MMO genre, with over 100 million registered players worldwide. Everything begins with the establishment of a small colony on an uninhabited planet. Using the resources of their new home, players conduct research and build a powerful fleet to carry their authority out into the stars.

Players can build galactic empires by colonizing planets, forming tactical alliances, or battling other players. Launch unprecedented conquest expeditions and subjugate galaxy after galaxy in your quest to become the universe’s most powerful ruler! The game is available in 26 different languages. Interested players can visit the official Gemeforge website or social media channels for more information.

Are you excited as Gameforge’s OGame Mobile is now available on Android and iOS devices? Let us know in the comments below!

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