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Free Fire: Tips to obtain free cosmetic bundles and other rewards in ‘Your Potential’ Mission

Collect enough stars to claim Freedom Sprintstar Bundle!

With the release of the Free Fire Booyah Day Calendar’ 2022, multiple new missions and events have been introduced in the game. One such mission under the ‘Interface highlights’ section in the Free Fire Booyah calendar is ‘Your Potential’. This unique event offers players free rewards including surfboards, skins for players’ pets, cosmetic bundles, and much more. The “Your Potential” missions in the game started on November 3 and will end on November 15.

‘Your Potential’ Mission in Free Fire

‘Your Potential’ missions feature a fire-dimensional ability chart that provides an overview of the five different objective categories namely Assault, Range, Technique, Exploration, and Teamwork. Each objective has different sets of missions that players need to participate in.

Upon completing each objective mission, players can collect ‘Stars’ based on the ability rating obtained in it. Also, for every mission completed players will receive 3 stars and the respective milestone rewards for free. A total of 60 stars is required to get your hands on the exclusive Freedom Sprintstar Bundle

Free Fire Your Potential Mission
Image via Garena


  • Use Pistol, SMG, or Melee Weapon to kill 10 enemies
  • Use Pistol, SMG, or Melee Weapon to deal 2000 damage
  • Use a Shotgun to deal 2000 damage


  • Use Machine Gun, Rifle, or Marksman Rifle to kill 10 enemies
  • Use Machine Gun, Rifle, or Marksman Rifle to deal 2000 damage
  • Use Sniper to deal 2000 damage


  • Take down 10 enemies with headshots
  • Absorb 500 damage with Gloo Wall
  • Use a Grenade to deal 500 damage


  • Travel 10000 meters on the map
  • Use the vending machine for 3 times
  • Eat mushrooms 15 times


  • Help up teammates 5 times
  • Use Revival Point to receive teammates 5 times
  • Play with friends 5 times

Free Fire Your Potential Mission: Rewards

Free Fire Your Potential Mission
Image via Garena

As already mentioned, the number of stars obtained by the players will determine the free rewards for them. Following is the list of milestone rewards provided in this event.

  • 3 stars: 100x Gold
  • 6 stars: 100x Universal Fragments
  • 9 stars: 1x Pet Food
  • 12 stars: 1x Gold Royale Voucher (Expiry date: November 30, 2022)
  • 15 stars: Number 1 Skyboard
  • 18 stars: Prism Shine
  • 21 stars: 1x Weapon Royale Voucher (Expiry date: November 30, 2022)
  • 24 stars: 1x Pet Food
  • 27 stars: Bonfire
  • 30 stars: Pet skin: Lightning Falco
  • 60 stars: Freedom Sprintstar Bundle

To access the ‘Your Potential’ missions players have to click on the icon of the events calendar present on the right-hand side of the home screen. Select the ‘Your Potential’ title available in the drop-down menu of the calendar section. Additionally, players will also receive an ‘honor title’ upon completing the missions successfully in each of the five ability objectives. 

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