App Store Awards 2022: Apple announces game of the year of iPhones, iPads and more

Just like the previous year, Apple has yet again come up with its best set of games from every category such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac games, Apple TV, and the Apple Arcade. While announcing the winners, Apple commented that these games add diverse community support towards the growth of their game developers. The final selections have been done by Apple’s Global App Store Editorial team and thus after months of thoughtful research the final results out in the Apple App Store Awards 2022.

App Store Awards 2022: Game of the Year for different Apple devices

Game of the Year: iPhone

Apex Legends Mobile Loba Cover
Image via Electronic Arts

iPhone’s game of the year for 2022 is none other than “Apex Legends Mobile,” from Electronic Arts. The game does deserve the position due to its immense graphics and interesting game modes. The game also comes up with some of the fascinating in-game features and thus provides a deserving spot for itself. The game also has some really attractive in-game packs and combos which attract the players at most.  

Game of the Year: iPad

Moncage is set to release on various platforms
Image via Optillusion

In 2022, Moncage claims the best game awards from the iPad. Moncage is a story-puzzler game that has very attractive graphics. The game has some of the most unexpected scenes ongoing in between the gameplays which attracts the players the most. Moncage has a very different story at every stage of the game which makes it more interesting while playing. The game follows up quite a dark theme and cumulatively these points make it the best game of the year for iPad.

Game of the Year: Mac

Apple App Store Awards 2022
Image via Daniel Mullins Games

Inscryption is an extraordinary board game that has the capability to give you some sleepless nights. The game follows up with a card game where the players have to build a deck of cards and thus gives a horror time to the players. The game has eye-catching graphics and attracts players the most. Players can even compete with other players from every corner of the world and hence snatches the best game awards for the Mac.

Game of the Year: Apple TV

El Hijo A Wild West Tale mobile release
Image via HandyGames

A true masterpiece made by the team of HandyGames, El Hijo. El Hijo is a storyline-based game where a six-year-old boy has to struggle a bit and build up his life. Players need to play along all the stages and chapters through which they need to grow along with the main character and thus go through the game. The game has fascinating and animated graphics which fill up the interest in the game. The in-game features are also outstanding and thus pile up all the amazing gameplay experience for the players.

Game of the Year: Apple Arcade

Wylde Flowers is an extraordinary simulation game that beholds the best spot for Apple Arcade games. The game gives a real-life experience along with character customization and more in-game features. Wylds Flower is more of a role-playing game than a storyline based with some really great graphics. And thus, this feature makes the game take the spot of being the best Apple Arcade game of the year.

What are your thoughts on the Apple App Store Awards 2022 featuring Game of the Year on various iOS devices? Let us know in the comments below!

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